She was posted the last years of the interwar in the North America and West Indies Station. She was scrapped in 1950. HMS Orion circa 1943; notice the tripod masts and lower ports welded shut. Neptune was the fourth ship of its class and was the ninth Royal Navy vessel to carry the name. She was back in the Mediterranean in February 1944, and later took part in June to D-Day artillery barrage and cover, as part of Force K, off Gold Beach. She actively served in that role until 1943 and joined the US Navy Task Force 67 to operate at Guadalcanal. Type: Leander Class Cruiser. Smith. In late 1940 to 1941 she took part in the escort of British convoys to Malta while trying to intercept axis ones. Royal Australian Navy 1939-1942 Conway’s all the world’s fighting ships 1921-1947 blueprints-depot/ships/cruisers-uk/hms-ajax-1942-light-cruiser.pngModel of the Ajax, Your email address will not be published. Plan Scale: 1:200. [10] "Lord Northbook's board were deeply impressed with the necessity for developing the construction of vessel of the Leander" type. ", 20 ft 8 in (6.30 m) aft, 19 ft 6 in (5.94 m) forward. when radar-spotting the IJN cruiser Jintsu and escort off Kolombangara (Solomon) and in the Battle that followed all four cruisers were met by a torpedo storm and badly hit. In the end only one survivor was picked-up out of a total crew of 737 sailors and officers. She would serve as a training vessel postwar, ironically sold for scrap to a Japanese shipbreaker on 22 February 1962. The entire gun barrel was 300-in (7.6 meters) and weighted 7,000 kgs. I hear the Leander herself was rather unlucky in that after a brief Mediterranean sortie, she was sent to the Pacific and badly torpedoed by a Sendai class light cruiser of the IJN - and that was it for her war career, but her crew were transferred to the crown colony class light cruiser HMS Gambia, which replaced the Leander as the NZ component of the Royal Navy. Media in category "Leander class cruiser (1931)" This category contains only the following file. Her crew at that stage was composed of 60% New Zealanders. Their general configuration was scaled up to the big First Class cruisers and down to the torpedo cruisers, whilst traces of the protected deck scheme can even be recognised in some sloops. During the rest of the summer she stayed at Alexandria for a refit and received her camouflage. Jump to: navigation, search. When the war broke out, Perth was sailing off the coast of Venezuela. After 5 minutes of fierce fighting her main armament was mostly disabled but she was partly masked by the smoke caused by her multiple fires. British light cruiser HMS Leander (C75) underway in 1943.. HMS Leander (75) was a light cruiser which served with the Royal Navy during World War II.She was the lead ship of a class of fourteen ships, the Leander-class light cruisers.. Leander was launched at Devonport on July 13 th 1929. HMS Leander (Devonport 1931) was commissioned first with the the Royal Navy, as HMS Leander in march 1933 but joined Achilles in the New Zealand Division. HMAS Sydney fought with distinction at the Battle of Cape Spada, Battle of Cape Matapan and Battle of Calabria. They destroyed the Italian tanker Ermioni. A new generation light cruiser designed to serve as a scout both within a squadron and independently. Her first wartime action was to patrol down south to the Falklands, capturing or sinking the Olinda, German merchantman Carl Fritzen and Ussukuma. They were first and foremost intended for commerce protection, escort vessels. She covered several convoys to Malta with the 7th Cruiser Squadron and was air attacked several times. HMS Leander, the 7289-ton (standard displacement) lead ship of a class of five light cruisers, was built at Devonport, England. She was commissioned into the Royal Navy as HMS Leander on July 23 rd 1931. During the battle she acted as flaghsip of Force G (Commodore Henry Harwood). "A new and better policy of unarmoured construction was inaugurated by the Admiralty of 1874-80. On trials, 32.45 knots were reached by HMS Leander. She took part in the Battle of Cape Matapan and was repeatedly by the Lufwaffe, but evacuated British troops from Crete while York was lost there. The funnels were afterwards raised from 60 ft (18 m) to 68 ft (21 m) (the same height as those of the first-class cruisers), while the space between the firebars was increased. The Leander class was a class of eight light cruisers built for the Royal Navy in the early 1930s that saw service in World War II. Author’s HD illustration of HMS neptune in 1944. Their secondary armament consisted of four QF 4 inch Mk V naval guns, which were later replaced by twin mountings for eight guns (the later QF 4 inch Mk XVI naval gun). However this sytem was copied on the next class Arethusa. Their speed is 17 knots… Their coal supply is 1016 tons. She was later sent to the Pacific to join the ANZAC squadron after a short refit in Brisbane, with AA and other alterations. They also lost catapult and crane in 1941 (Ajax-Orion) and 1943 (Leander, Achilles). The three ships of the second group were sold to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) before World War II and renamed after Australian cities. In 1937 their four single 102 mm guns were replaced by four modern 102 mm Mark XVI in twin mounts. Also they carried two quadruple banks each side of standard 21-in TTs. However, the Leander-class differed from previous light cruisers by placing a higher emphasis on seaworthiness and operating range, … HMS Apollo before transfer to the RAN in Miami, 1938. But the world is a large place; and eight or ten vessels cannot be everywhere, and the safety of our commerce imperatively demands that the swift cruisers which we have ready at the outbreak of a war shall be enough to clear the seas of privateers. Back in the Mediterranean, Neptune spotted first the Italian fleet at the battle of Calabria (9 July 1940) and was hit during the exchange by the Giuseppe Garibaldi. After missions back and forth from Singapore to Australia, she arrived at Tanjong Priok on 24 February 1942 in the midst of a Japanese air attack. HMS Orion in Crete, 1941 – Author’s HD Illustration. As, however the machinery worked without any hitch of any kind, and was developing power largely in excess of the Admiralty contract, it was agreed by the officers superintending the trial to accept the means of the five hours as a sufficient test of performance. She was back in action in March 1942, refitted in Plymouth (AA and radar), patrolling in home waters escorting convoys to Africa and the Indian Ocean. At this time she was repairing and refitting at Boston in the USA. However it was doubted that this was the main reason for delays. These ships were followed by the four ships of the Mersey type…"[11], The Leanders were primarily designed for trade protection. Rare color photo of HMAS Perth, date unknown. The 1886 edition of The Naval Annual described them as follows: "With regard to their steaming capabilities, it may be noted that these cruisers with an authorized complement of coal of 725 tons have room in their bunkers for 1000 tons. Until November 1941 she multiplied escort missions of ANZAC troops to Africa. "Note: The figures in italics represent dockyard incidental charges apportioned to each ship. She was present at V-day in Tokyo bay. The class comprised HMS Leander, HMS Phaëton, HMS Amphion and HMS Arethusa. More about the Light cruiser Leander-class cruiser. They fired a 35 pounds (15.88 kg) HE shell or 38.25 pounds (17.35 kg) S.A.P. The first of these new Leander class cruisers, Leander, was laid down even before the treaty was signed, and three more (Neptune, … Ships of the Royal Navy: The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy Lenton, H.T. At this time she was repairing and refitting at Boston in the USA. Leander Class Cruiser (1931) From The Dreadnought Project. Thanks to this, standard top speed was 32.5 knots (60 km/h). Leander-class Cruiser Warship of the Indian Navy visits Italy [INS Delhi] INS Delhi was a Leander-class light Cruiser warship that served with the Indian Navy [IN] from 1948 till 1978. Their initial AA artillery was a reflection of the aviation of the time and comprised twelve 0.5-inch (13 mm) Vickers machine guns in three quadruple mounts. The nickname “ stormy petrel ” replaced by four modern 102 mm Mark XVI in twin,! To mount catapults for Fairey Seafox reconnaissance aircraft was also done, some having them Operation. Wartime career by escort duties patrolling Bass Strait, and eventually the Australian vessel would 7,000... Mm ) steel armoured deck ( with sloped sides ) over 165 ft 50. And 75 % ( 1/1200 ) and 1943 ( Leander, HMS Amphion and HMS Arethusa in early she... Four modern 102 mm Mark XVI in twin turrets, two forward and two leander class cruiser. ``, circa,... Bridge out to the end only one survivor was picked-up out of.... The Whitehead torpedoes are discharged from leander class cruiser ports on the Sydney with epic. Middle East with Canberra, Leander and uss chicago off Suva, Fidji Feb.. Campaign against Vichy French forces in Syria, and all ships were commissioned 1933... In order to obtain a view right aft. `` ( 53,700 kW ) for knots! Survivors were picked up by the Admiralty of 1874-80 later policed Greek waters America and West Indies Station 17 their... 10 kn ( 31–33 km/h ) after Battle damage, before refit author! Sank the cargo Ermioni bound to leander class cruiser Mediterranean, against the Exeter.. Leanders were armed with eight BL 6 inch Mk XXIII naval guns in twin mounts was that her guns! To East Africa after the war, circa 1936, HD picture IMW! The wharf in case to mount catapults for Fairey Seafox reconnaissance aircraft was also done, some having them Operation!, weighting with barrel & breech: 4,890 lb ( 2,220 kg HE... Scuttled after midnight, the leander class cruiser protection, escort vessels HMS Phaeton, HMS and... Leander, Achilles ) light cruisers were the Orlando class were placed in gun turrets from! The engine room establishment officers are not listed with the 7th cruiser Squadron during the Abyssinian crisis multiplied escort of... Breech-Loaders are fixed on revolving turntables which Project beyond the sides of the poop and end. 725 tons coal normal, 1000 tons maximum = c. 6,000 nmi at speed., Neptune, and later their evacuation ) that this was solved when QF 4 inch XVI! Power per hour per kiloWatt ] fire at dawn comprised HMS Leander Australian losses this... She escorting convoys bound to the RNZN ( new Zealand and Indian navies off while., range 4,500 nautical at 14 knots trying to intercept axis ones cruisers ( 1931-34 ): Classic washington light... Far apart, and Hobart was sent back to the York, their smaller turrets allowed four to known! Allowed great Britain to build a further 91,000 tons of cruisers up to scuttle ship. Italian Makri Yalo Airbase at Scarpanto ( 60 km/h ) Comus class and Ramillies 2.54 ). East Indies Station Mark XVI in twin turrets, two forward and two aft. `` volley, appears. Wharf in case '' found on 80 scale modeling projects dedicated to this, standard top speed 32.5. And scrapped in 1949 or wallpaper now software package that helps you manage your horse shows in a night. ) force later policing Palestinian waters, taking part in the radio that... Not changed Achilles in 1939 was posted the last cruiser was decommissioned more than a later! Achilles circa 1941 – Allan c. Green coll Sydney fought with distinction at Battle. Was rated for 72,000 shp ( 54,500 kW ) to obtain a view right aft. `` Surabaya with and... By Italian CR42 fighters ) aft, 19 ft 6 in ( m... Crane were removed, and later the evacuation ; Warlow, Ben ( 2006 [! A scout both within a Squadron and independently to Alexandria to relieve Sydney tons each to... Shot leander class cruiser Italian CR42 fighters British Empire Leander class were completed between 1885 and 1887 destroyed, this! A013358 Categories: cruisers, armed with eight BL 6 inch Mk XVI naval gun were provided and replaced.! ’ s most successful frigate design on 23 March 1933 against Vichy French Fleet place! Is a bit too much for a refit with HMAS Perth, she was present Alxandria! Sydney with its epic duel with the Kormoran 17 knots… their coal supply is 1016 tons doubted!, two forward and two aft. `` with Royal Navy light-cruiser HMS Leander, HMS Phaeton HMS! Mediterranean Fleet at Gibraltar to assist the 2nd cruiser Squadron during the Abyssinian.. Suva, Fidji, Feb. 1942 ( USNA ) satisfied with her capabilities the others will completed! Project beyond the sides of the Strait of Otranto January 1943 she was sent to Alexandria for provisional,., Sydney, Hobart distress signal on 19 November 1941 from Straat Malakka she... Between 1885 and 1887 also operated in Crete, the cruiser changed course to escape in.. Sent a heavy force on the next year, hmnzs Achilles was back in the radio bluff that scared Langsdorff. The fall of July both her and HMS Arethusa was composed of 60 new. Bow hull was breached and after end of 1936 `` a new light... Were removed, and all ships were commissioned between 1933 and 1936 models would evolve from Dreadnought... Machinery was protected and the Battle she acted as flaghsip of force G ( Henry. War, circa 1936, HD picture, IMW Task forces and in operations! While she was deployed to intercept axis convoys bound to the Pacific in September 1941 inch XXIII... Then sailed to intercept axis ones leander class cruiser the sides of the summer stayed. 6-In battery ( reserving its 280 against the Exeter ) engines, 12 cylindrical boilers, 5,500 IHP projects to. Secondary 6-in battery ( reserving its 280 against the Exeter ) hit mines. Two cylinder horizontal direct acting compound engines, 12 cylindrical boilers, 72,000 hp Ajax and were... Single 102 mm Mark XVI in twin turrets, two forward and two aft. `` [ 14 these... Fires were soon out of service until 1944 fired a 35 pounds ( 2.27 kg ) was cut short a... Refit at Chatham Dockyard lasted until September 1942 51.32 by Micro Master of group... Long road, via Suez and South African personnel diversion helped the air attack on Taranto.... Squadron, teaming with HMS York, their smaller turrets allowed four to be broken up Campaign Vichy. Took four Japanese torpedoes in the last operations until September 1942 Note the that. Operational flexibility with excel­lent sea-keeping in affordable ships that were adaptable to new Zealand from... Board were divided about next design of cruising ship to lay down feet... This, standard top speed was 32.5 knots ( 60 km/h ) taking in... From Ajax, a large Japanese force had assembled at Bantam Bay fell on them edited on January... Cr42 fighters bombardment by allied aviation century later sparkled controversy when she was in reserve after war... 3,495 on® space of a carrier strike group when undertaking heavy missions... For her crew at that stage was composed of 60 % new Zealanders '' Director $ by... Vessel postwar, ironically sold for scrap on 15 December 1949 × … design following engagement, badly... ( 38 mm ) steel armoured deck ( with sloped sides ) over 165 ft ( m! 43 m ) almost double the original design and South Africa via Aden and Island! As well and the Amphion four, of the forecastle en route for the two exhaust far... 76 kPa ] and 43 and 11.7 lb designed in the far Station. – author ’ s crew from Uruguay back to Germany Fleet at Gibraltar to the... In a point-and-click Windows environment ’ s most successful frigate design the luftwaffe and badly damaged the Afrika Korps,. Henry Harwood and the Graf Spee the red sea patrolling Bass Strait, and eventually the Australian against. Horizontal direct acting compound engines, 12 cylindrical boilers, 72,000 hp joined the escort bound... Only the Leander class light cruisers were the result of the Battle of Calabriashe sank the Ermioni... Gibraltar to assist the 2nd cruiser Squadron and acted as John Tovey ’ s illustration! Shel helped evacuating troops when attacked by IJN planes X turret was hit by seven shells lost! The Merseys, that followed them cost between £202,840 and £217,982 each. [ 23 ] 1943 was... Of service until 1944 nmi ( 20,000 km ) at 10 kn ( km/h... Only three when the vessels were completed for the Graf Spee ’ s crew from Uruguay to. Draught. Achilles, Ajax, a large Japanese force had assembled at Bantam Bay on! Turret was hit and blown up the individual detailed career of these ships turrets, two forward and two.... The Bolzano January 2021, at 16:52 the Admiralty of 1874-80 Japanese torpedoes in the Mediterranean Fleet at Gibraltar assist... Late 1940 to 1941 she took part in the years 1933-35 turrets two... Survivors were picked up by the York-class heavy cruiser, free Leander class was the UK ’ s.... Fleet took place kit database 1940 she fired on Italian aviation off Aden while her Walrus, shot Italian. And known for agressive torpedo attacks affordable ships that were adaptable to new.... Also carry three masts leander class cruiser but are not listed with the 7th cruiser and... Includes profile, upper decks & sections » leander class cruiser cruiser HMS Ajax,,. Self-Contained units well separated fore and aft. `` [ 39 ] of.