Let me know if you need any further help. View cart for details. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ignition Coil & Spark Plug for Harbor Freight Predator 96898 4000 Generator at the best online prices at … Why Use Predator 4000 Generator? It has been very humid but that CLINK noise must have something to do with it. Engine Fault – Some internal engine fault can also be the reason behind shutting down of your generator. Since you say that it is anew generator, it cannot be the engine. The “few minutes problems” have several reasons. I have a K&S 10000e it was running fine for a few hours then suddenly stopped. What can be the causes. Make sure you clean them properly. However, before going to a mechanic, we recommend making a checklist of all the fixes we have mentioned above. Remove the spark plug to find it out. Ignition Coil & Spark Plug for Harbor Freight Predator 63079 96838 Generator. I didn’t find this issue / fix anywhere else on the internet. A performance spark plug for these engines would be an Autolite AR3910X. My gen will run in 20 to 30 mins, after then it will off with a loud noise pls can you tell me what to do ? We recommend that you do not call a mechanic until you have checked all the above issues. I closed the choke to about half, it stopped surging momentarily, then started again, I closed it a bit more, it cut out altogether. Have you changed oil or is it Rolly runny. I have a generac LP house generator that starts on manual then shuts down after a about 30 seconds and then tries to restart three more times but shuts down in shorter and shorter times. If you don’t already know about one, you can find one here: https://www.generac.com/industrial/find-service. Predator 69728 Owner's Manual & Safety Instructions (24 pages) 3200/4000 Watt. I suspected the chock on the cabburator so I bought a new one and problem still continue. Also for: 69728, 69729. FREE Shipping. Thank you very much for all the explanation, but what of if the Genny is Diesel generator (mikano)? Before you put your new spark plug into your generator, make sure you have the correct model, size, and gap. If everything is working fine, there would be no oil on the air filter. Try taking off some load from your generator and running it. Contact the customer support service of Generac, and they will solve the problem for you. Mine runs sometimes for about an hour and then suddenly stops, As you say that your generator runs for an hour and then stops, it means that it is not facing “few seconds” problems. While everything may seem fine, little things can force them to go down. Appreciate your time and help. There are 54 replacement spark plugs for Torch F7TC. If not, buy a new spark plug and install it. It ran for about an hour then shut off. If it is just the leak, you can fix it with epoxy. My 2kva gen has been running for over an hour then suddenly stops i check the oil level with a long stick of broom i still see there is still oil..i try to start it but it doesnt start i try again then i hear a loud bang around the exhaust side Please what are the possible causes. Please my generator has been given me headache first the mechanic said the issue was pistes and ring later it was choke now It runs for some seconds then it stops + there is sound coming from inside it as well. Battery Problems – The battery supplies power to turn on the generator. At the point the load kicks in the generator makes a strange noise, sparks underneath the engine and stops. Solution: You can just deal with problems with your fuel tank by getting it cleaned, releasing the pressure and carefully checking the pipes for any above-mentioned problems. 3. On manual start, it started up and got up to speed and then stopped after a few seconds. We suggest that you go through the above checklist to find out the specific issue that why your generator is not starting. A generator runs hard due to the following reasons, • Overloading • Blockage in fuel pipes or clogged fuel pump • Faulty carburetor • Engine fault • Choke problems • Blockage in air filters or exhaust-system. If your generator has an electronic panel, any wire, circuit, or component may be overheating, and the generator is switching off. Mine shut off due to over load and refused to start. Portable Generator; 69728; Predator 69728 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Predator 69728. Product Features Fits Harbor Freight Chicago Predator 3000/ 3050/ 3200/ 4000 Watts - Generator. As you said that you recently brought a new carburetor, we believe that it is working fine. I will be happy to help you out. These vapors can get deposited on the air filter through the breather line. The best way to ensure that something like this does not happen with you is to give your generator a break while running. The Predator 3500 can be used as an emergency backup, an RV generator, or for tailgating. Your video showed us not only what was wrong with but also how to fix our Generac 7550XL. Ok .. thank you for getting back to me and I will look into The sensors the funny thing is we had that big storm recently I fix three generators for my neighbors oil sensor switch and so on all day they worked fine except mine I’m puzzled but I guess I’ll look into those sensors and I’ll let you know how I made out so thank you so much for getting back to me, Great information. Give me instructions on how to fix my generator. Smoke from the generator is a sign of engine problems. Solution: You need to get your battery charged properly from an external source or check the battery charging mechanism of your generator. Another way to ensure that the generator does not shut down due to overloading is to hear the sound of the generator. 4. Any solution to this?