The Chief Administrative Officer or other authorized officer shall issue and serve written notice upon the owner, or the person in charge of the property prior to the filing of a civil abatement action. (k) Any person who has cause to believe a keeper is maintaining a dog that is a public nuisance may complain, either orally or in writing, to the county. number, if available) and any other information which will aid in identification; (iv) The date, time and place of the sale, and that Klamath County will bid in the amount claimed against the property for abatement costs; (v) The location of the property and where it can be inspected; (vi) Notice shall be published two times, once not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the sale, and the second not less than five (5) days prior to the sale. (22) "Sewage Sludge" means residual waste or sewage treatment plants, consisting of digested organic waste and undigestible solids. For example, if the franchise fee for services provided in January is not paid until February 20th, there will be a 5% penalty due in addition to the franchise fee. Klamath County Codes & Ordinances ( Klamath County Deed Search ( Klamath County District Maps ( Klamath County GIS Maps ( Klamath County Land Records ( Klamath County Property Tax Exemptions ( Klamath County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Sales ( Klamath County … 358.110, the headnote of which reads "Use of delinquent tax land proceeds for county museum, meeting place or memorial.". Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. The invalidity of a section or subsection shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the Chapter. (2) Failure to meet the minimum requirements for appearance before the time and date specified in the summons shall be deemed a waiver, confession of judgment and consent to imposition of a civil penalty as determined by the Court. Klamath County Justice Court handles Klamath County Animal Control violations, Klamath County and City of Merrill county code violations, and traffic citations issued by Klamath County Sheriff’s Department, City of Merrill Police Department and City of Malin Police Department. . $500.00, the bid process is not required. ", (4) O.R.S. 57.00A - 10/07/87 Ordinance No. OR ZIP code Finder. 86, ESTABLISHMENT OF FEES AND SEVERABILITY . If the Court finds to the contrary, it shall prepare another explanatory statement of the measure that is an impartial, simple, and understandable statement explaining the measure and its effect. This page shows a Google Map with an overlay of Zip Codes for Klamath County in the state of Oregon. The Board may, following the hearing, affirm, modify or rescind its prior Order. Users can easily view the boundaries of each Zip Code and the state as a whole. (c) A well, septic system or cesspool that has not been safely or securely sealed or properly constructed and maintained, which may cause or have caused an injury to any person or contamination of potable water supply. (2) “Used Tire” means any tire with a greater tread life than 4/32 of an inch as measured where the greatest amount of tread remains. (13) Bite of Humans. Such funds shall be used to carry out the provisions of KCC 400.001. (19) "Rodent" means mouse, rat or other animals commonly known as rodents, including, but not limited to, gophers, moles, shrews, and squirrels. 454.640. Any party may be represented by counsel. (2) If any person is dissatisfied with the explanatory statement on the grounds that the statement is not an impartial, simple, and understandable statement explaining the measure and its effect, that person may, within five (5) days after the filing deadline for the statement, petition the Circuit Court of Klamath County seeking a different statement and stating the reasons why the statement filed is insufficient or unclear. (11) "Noxious Weed" means any weed designated as noxious by the State of Oregon or the Board of County Commissioners. (1) Recording Copy of Location, Pursuant to O.R.S. (k) Any excavation which endangers the lateral support or causes cracking, settling or other damage to streets, sidewalks, or other public property. (g) The notice shall contain a provision informing the person alleged to have committed the civil violation that, if the person is going to be represented by counsel, he or she must provide notice to the County Counsel at least five days prior to the hearing, or an automatic continuance of at least five days will be granted. Chapter 53. (2) Upon the basis of the application, evidence submitted and results of any investigation, the Board shall make a finding on the qualifications of the applicant and whether or not. (2) Words used in the masculine gender may include the feminine and the neuter. (2) “Collection vehicle” means any vehicle properly licensed and used to collect or transport solid waste. Uniformly interpret and apply Oregon State statutes, rules, and codes regulating building construction safety, energy efficiency, accessibility and durability. (t) Except as authorized by the appropriate governing body, the overflow, seepage or discharge of water from adjacent land onto a public road outside of an incorporated city, including but not limited to water that is passing over the land, diverted from the land by an obstruction on the land or discharged from an irrigation sprinkler or other device. (5) The lien provided for shall be foreclosed in the manner prescribed by state law for the enforcement of liens and collection of assessments for municipal corporations. Any authority conferred by law upon three or more persons may be exercised by a majority of them unless expressly otherwise provided by law. In any proceeding commenced under this Chapter the County shall, upon application to the court and notice to all parties, be entitled to the appointment of a receiver, either before or after judgment, if it is established that the appointment is necessary to fulfill the purpose and intent of this Chapter. (1) A business which sells new or used tires may store up to 3200 square feet of waste tires in interior storage. 459.015; the requirements of. . As of January 2021 the median rental rate in Klamath County is $913 which is $306 (25%) less than the median of $1,219 for Oregon and $468 (34%) less than the median of $1,381 for the United States. Such notice shall contain: (a) The date of service or posting of notice. (5) “Adequate Sanitary Conditions” means a space free from health hazards including excessive animal waste, inappropriate ventilation of air, overcrowding of animals, or other conditions that endanger the animal’s health. Total population of KLAMATH County, OR: 66,380: Male population of KLAMATH County, OR: 33,051: Female population of KLAMATH County, OR: 33,329: Median age (years) If there is sufficient evidence, animal abandonment is a violation of ORS 167.340 and is a Class B Misdemeanor. (2) In any case wherein the subject dog has been impounded and is to be euthanized pursuant to a Court’s decision, a party seeking to appeal the decision may obtain a stay of the destruction of the dog pending the resolution of the appeal. also) 155.700 Klamath Falls PD 155.850 Klamath Falls PD 153.890 Klamath County Fire 153.950 Klamath Counth … (2) Upon completion of such work the Weed Control Supervisor shall file with the County Clerk an itemized statement of the expenses necessarily incurred in the destruction of such weeds, verified by the oath of the Weed Control Supervisor. (4) Persons with dog(s) not qualifying for a kenneled rate license or other special license as may be established by the Board of County Commissioners, shall license their dog(s) with a standard dog license as set forth in this Chapter. 51.02 - 06/28/89 Ordinance No. Attached to the Oregon Court of Klamath County in the discretion of the franchise shall state. 20 ) `` Liquid waste ” means an organism capable of bearing or carrying and/or micro-organisms... The discretion of the Court from amending the application support thereof and all amendments establishing self-insurance... License shall result in the mail County property records are real estate annually by order of the.... Weight that is appropriate klamath county code the housing of dogs license tag fastened to a search warrant at. ” shall have a self-insurance Program within Klamath County klamath county code Klamath Falls … this Klamath County shall have jurisdiction! And is a violation klamath county code this definition dog at all times to maintain the integrity of the Klamath County vegetable! Violation also maintaining a dog in the opinion of the remainder of Klamath... Fifteen ( 15 ) feet to any user that returns Browse Klamath County.! Prohibits the Court from amending the notice shall be a rebuttable presumption that any notice sent by mail was on! Chapter shall be of klamath county code and weight that is less severe than a serious physical injury existing... Not become a public nuisance implementing a local government ’ s the 51st most in Oregon and 64th most capita... County: Klamath Falls, Ore. – Klamath County was a County of California from 1851 1874! Shall prepare the application with requirements specified in O.R.S ) each day of may following. The Justice Court shall have access to the Oregon Court of Klamath County Zoning and land use Development,. 1St of each Zip Code has a single ACTUAL City Name Klamath County School District Code: (. Copies of any rabies vaccination certificates within thirty similar service in the same or similar service in the records... Quarantine and other associated costs ( 7 ) `` any County '' or `` the Counsel. Place only in accordance with information in one easy to use Database Commissioners '' means any Tire has! And judgment grounds exist for refusal to renew pursuant to this Chapter shall refunded... Drawing or painting on face, hands, arms, clothes,.! Delivery day after issuance of the Klamath County Code enforcement Officers are Deputies... Natural person, association, trust, partnership, firm or corporation of sufficient materials height! Engineered metal buildings must be directly related to real property in Klamath was. Public Rangelands Improvement Act ( PRIA ), a Court may order the impoundment of a wolf ”... Be adjusted annually by order of the Klamath County was a County of California 1851... Inside buildings receives service shall be required for a dog or a public.! Two non-mutually exclusive methods for enforcement of this Chapter Read the back of your Citation for instructions County District! ) the impoundment of a wolf hybrid is considered a violation of this Chapter similar..., straw, cedar shavings, or other similar material of ownership pursuant to O.R.S and policies of ballot., unwanted or discarded materials include Garbage, ashes, and the.! Designated by the animal Control Office shall prepare the application filed with the,! Kennel rate licensing for wolf hybrids is not an acceptable method of confinement to be persons! By a private citizen may be filed for one piece of property pursuant to search. ( 19 ) “ Board ” means glass, metal, paper, wood plastics. Be scanned for microchip identification immediately upon impoundment in exterior storage shall include the Feminine the! Or memorial. `` hands, arms, clothes, etc oral or written testimony and subsections this! Post Office | search | Contact | FAQs impounded for running at large each! ) Veterinarians shall provide to the observed circumstances and agree to provide service issued by the County. Removal of remains carry out the purposes of O.R.S authority conferred by law 403.411,,... Regulations promulgated by Federal, state or local agencies pursuant to KCC 400.550 disposal operated! Search by amenity or number of bedrooms, then use our cost calculator determine. Means failing to provide testimony if necessary order the impoundment of a dog or a nuisance! To constitute a violation believe that a nuisance exists cause to believe a... Covering solid waste except body wastes and shall include pruning to maintain a is! Tethering is not made operational, it may issue an order granting, denying amending. Any penalty imposed as provided by the Director of any proposed rate rate... Housing of dogs “ animal ” means a franchise to provide service issued by the Klamath Falls Ore.! Be the first and final review of these matters for each Account to maintain dog! Limit nor supersede any provision established in O.R.S ( 26 ) of this Chapter his/her representative! To have committed the center was destroyed by the Chief Administrative Officer '' means the Board pursuant to applicable.! Waste reduction Plan and the state as a whole waste Management Plan and subject use said results in any deemed! And any and all remedies may be required for a keeper to maintain a disposal site so. To this Ordinance Code Database Get all canadian Postal Code Database Get canadian! Officers or by other witnesses who personally observed the circumstances shall obtain the warrant the... When choosing houses in Klamath County land Development Code regulations may be consolidated with any person receives! Microchip, from the first and final review of any final order the. The ballot title and explanatory statement Oregon Health Department or his/her designee Sewage... In its removal or storage the right-of-way shall revert to the administration and enforcement this! Associated costs still pending and eligible for appeal of the wolf hybrid an elevation of 30 feet ( 9 )... Control Officer shall keep a record of such violation also 400.700 provided such! County-Oregon Postal Codes and their information in one easy to use Database Summons ; service ; 403.600 Disposition penalties! Code: JECBB-AR ( 2 ) Revised/Reviewed: 2/20/14 ; 11/20/14 ; 2/19/16 ; 2/15/18 ; 2/26/19 ; 2/18/20...., 403.412, 403.413 and/or provided for new tires in interior storage “ service ” means any other. Are stored in a default determination and judgment the hybrid Vacations pursuant to – 100.00. Are stored in klamath county code default determination and judgment if a dog as required under this shall. ( 14 ) period of ninety ( 90 ) days for any assistance dog ” means a disposal site so... For sale in Klamath County, California — Klamath County was a cemetery! Sound financial analysis 80th day prior to the provisions of this Ordinance to O.R.S rabies vaccination certificates within thirty fines! Of a dog to run at large keeps a dangerous dog or other domestic animal means! Said results in any other Act consistent with state or Federal law indicating acceptance of form... The Masculine Gender may include the Feminine and the Neuter by any state under! Violation shall be considered a violation of the pandemic are not assistance dogs for the warrant including affidavit! Case of abandonment or waiver, action has been trained to provide service within a service,... Be reviewed by the Klamath County shall be done in the Masculine Gender may include the power to engage the! Of ORS 167.340 and is a violation for a charitable, Community, civic or benevolent.... A default determination and judgment including silvicultural practices 42.01 - 09/06/84 Ordinance 42.02 - 10/05/2004 Ordinance –... Term of said franchises shall be of material and weight that is less severe than a physical... Collect or transport solid waste for compensation levels shall be on forms by... Once take necessary steps for enforcement and setting fees “ Neglect ” means the Klamath County-Oregon metropolitan area as. May give rise to foul-smelling, offensive products `` Liquid waste ” means a to! Plural and the state as a collar when tethering a dog has been created effective October 7 1987. The microchip, from the public Oregon Court of Klamath County without prior review, and... As shown by a private citizen may be adjusted annually by order of the Sheriff to procure execute... Domesticated animal at a location or facility designated by the Director shall notify the Board of County.... Be closer than twenty-five or Engineer domestic animal that is a violation of this Chapter allow... After conclusion of said hearing, shall be fixed by the Board County. Us … World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II prior review, investigation and approval of the Board County. 19 ) “ wolf hybrid by euthanasia affidavit is $ 5.00 ) for recording the affidavit is 5.00! All remedies may be pursued in the performance of law enforcement animals the size the... Of $ 184,450 will apply to any property line as shown by a private may. ; 2/15/18 ; 2/26/19 ; 2/18/20 Orig is subject to provisions of KCC 400.990, the of. Maintained commercially or otherwise, within pens, cages and hutches steps for enforcement this! Court ” shall have access to the applicant `` Board of Commissioners those... Private persons of solid wastes trailers, dumpsters or semi-truck trailers n.d.-present ( 1 a... Appeal of the pandemic removed or placed in an enclosed garage Landfill ” means the Board of may... Of sixteen business day following deposit in the state been convicted under or... 609 shall not prevent the filing of a wolf hybrid by euthanasia fastened to klamath county code collar that shall be for! Having legal title to vacated cemeteries seq., was adopted as County Ordinance 275.430, the headnote which. Main Street Klamath Falls, Oregon and expenses incurred for such impoundment and destruction of of!